Anastasia Korochansckaja

Anastasia Korochansckaja

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First Name * Anastasia
Last Name * Korochansckaja
Username * Balaa
Country * United States
City Bellingham
Nationality Russian
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


I joined CGTalk with a primary goal to push myself to improve, push myself beyond my comfort zone and to just absorb as much as I can from the many inspirational minds that frequent CGTalk.

My primary subject matter is wildlife and fantasy wildlife and anthromorphic art and my special softspot is for big cats, as will be evident from my gallery. The goal I seek in my wildlife depictions is far from vast in scale. Rather I seek to capture a single moment in the life of one of these creatures, be they real, extinct or purely imagined creatures. Sometimes the most treasured moments in time are the momentary glimpses of peace, the oasis seldom found in life. This is what I seek to capture in my work, a moment, the peace in the eyes of an animal seen only as a beast, a killing machine, etc. These are such small world's, secluded and sheltered often even from the lense of a camera, and yet you can see so much of the world and soul through the eyes.

Via my anthromorphic art, my goal is somewhat grander and perhaps naively ambitious. To me an anthromorphized animal represents a closer link of humanity to the natural world, it is our inner wish to be primal and wild and live within the natural world instead of outside of it. With my anthros I strive to make them look natural, a part of and not apart from their world. It is fantasy art just as are dragons and elves and anything else. I hope through such art people can identify with something beyond 'an animal', in today's world easily forgotten, their plight overlooked. I hope if people can see a bit of themselves in the imagery, identify with something beyond the colors and patterns of a pelt, beyond the constrictions of species, that there will be more reason to care for the natural world we are all responsible to protect. As I is probably a naively ambitious goal.

Currently I am a freelance artist, but I hope to eventuality build up to a career in the professional field. As of now I am merely exploring my options and seeing what is out there and what I must do to get there!


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